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CAT C13 Combat Vehicle Engine
711 Hp @ 2300rpm
S/N RLG00146
Arrangement 443-6195
Manufactured APR 2016
Not a EPA Compliant Engine
24V Starter CAT 349-6523
CX31 Transmission
S/N EBW01330
Arrangement 362-0712

Power Take Off:
Parker 287-GDKVW-M8RF
w/ Hydraulic Pump CAT 483-6381
Radiators & Intercooler with 2x AMETEK Airscrew Fans 380-MP4-361
Air Compressor CAT 304-2694
Engine never started, turbo exhaust is totally clean. 

This engine was intended to be used by a mayor defense contractor in development of a new anfibios vehicle. However they lost the development contract to their competitors.

CAT C13 Combat Vehicle Engine 711 Hp w/ CX31 Transmission

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