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Essential details
Type: Wheat
Style: Dried
Cultivation Type: COMMON
Drying Process: AD
Place of Origin: Ireland
Brand Name: Milling Wheat
Best Quality Soft Milling Wheat
Certification: ISO, Apeda

Specifications: Mexican Soft Milling Wheat is also known as “ Bread Making Wheat “
Protein( Dry Matter ): 12.5 % min.
Moister: 11.0 % max.
Falling number: 300 min.
Broken kernels: 3 % max.
Damaged kernel: 2 % max.
Test weight: 79 kg/hl min.
Wet gluten: 28 % min.
Dry gluten: 11.0 % min.
Color : 18.00%
Pl: 0.50 max.
Estensograph brabender: 800 min.
Stability: 15 minutes min.
Heat damage kernel: 0.3% max.
Foreign matters: 0.5 % max.
Dockage: 1.0 % max.
Ergot (if any): 0.2 % max.
Grains and seeds of other crops: 0.6 % max.
Weed seed: 0.2 % max
Poisonous harmful seeds: 0.01% max.
Shape:Long Wheat Grain
Processing Type: Machine Cleaned
Shelf Life: 24 Months
Packing & Delivery
5kg to 50 Kg available, Strong Jute Bag and Vacuum Bag.

Free from kernel bunts, molds, and any odors.

No radiation
Freshly fumigated

Best Quality Soft Milling Wheat

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