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Brand: Hamm
Model: H7IP
Year of construction: 2015
Operating hours: 1,379 hours
Weight: 7,900 kg
Engine: Kubota
Drum width : 1700 mm
Drum diameter : 1200 mm
The roller is technically in top condition.
Transport dimensions:
Length: 7800mm Width: 2400mm Height: 2500mm

 Pad Foot Drum
 Strong Vibrator Assembly
 Hydrostatic Drive
 Articulated Steering
 Adjustable Seat
 Diesel Engine
 Vibration-isolated Operator's Platform

 Drum Type: Pad Foot
 Drums: Single Drum
  Horsepower: 74.3
  Make: Kubota
  Model: V3307
  Fuel Type: Diesel
  Type: Vibratory
  Width: 168 cm
  Diameter: 122 cm
 Transmission Type: Hydrostatic
 Wheelbase: 250 cm

2015 Hamm H7IP Vibratory Pad Foot Drum Roller Compactor

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