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Make: John Deere
Model: 410J
Year: 2012
Hours: 3,499
Transport Dimensions: 742 L x 236 W x 284 H cm
Transport Weight: 7,5 Tons

 Manual Boom Lock
 Hydraulic Outriggers with Street Pads
 Suspension Seat
 Front and Rear Work Lights
 Adjustable Seat
 Extendable Stick
 Backup Alarm
 Selectable 4x4 Operation
 Bolt-On Cutting Edge
 61cm Backhoe 5 Tooth Digging Bucket
 239cm Loader Bucket
 Pilot Controls
 Drive Type: 4WD
  Horsepower: 100
  Make: John Deere
  Model: 4045HT054
  Fuel Type: Diesel
 Transmission Type: Powershift
  Bucket Size: 234 cm
  Dig Depth: 483 cm
  Dump Height: 381 cm
  Max Reach: 600 cm
  Size: Fronts: 12.5/ 80-18; rears: 21L-24
  Type: Pneumatic
  Bucket Size: 239 cm
  Dump Height: 254 cm
  Lift Capacity: 3 Tons
 Operator Station: Open ROPS

2012 John Deere 410J 4WD Backhoe Loader Tractor E-Stick 4x4

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